Anglo China’s Tactical body armour incorporating soft armour insert panels is designed for military and law enforcement personnel who demand a ballistic vest with the highest level of protection. In our manufacturing plant, we use flexible, high-density polyethylene, Kevlar & Aramid along with 3D spacer fabrics ensuring maximum protection and comfort. Our vests range from standard overt and covert  guards vests, to full body armour with Neck, Shoulder, side  and Groin protection. We design armour to meet specific threats. No job is too small or too large. We offer the best, most competitive solutions against handguns – 9mm, .357, and .44 Magnum along with the major threat of fragmentation, all to meet the NIJ requirements and tested in US laboratories. 

Anti-Stab protection

Our range also includes an anti stab material for protection against knife, spike and needle, suitable for Security, Doormen, Public Service personnel.

We are a totally vertical company – producing the raw material through to the finished article. We will design to meet a client’s specific threat and weight constrictions. All Colours are available to meet the clients requirements and of course the outer cover strength. Custom fit sizes can be produced.