Hard armour Plates can be engineered to meet standalone threats as well as plates worn in conjunction with soft armour vests – all complying with requirements as stipulated by the international standard – NIJ Level III, NIJ Level III+  NIJ Level III++ and NIJ Level IV.

Standard size of insert plate is 30cms x 25cms for front & back, however we can produce any size as required. The weight of the insert plates can be offered to meet the required maximum total weight of the armour required, whilst maintaining the flexibility and mobility demands of the wearer in the theatre of war.

PE Plates

PE plates are very light and a comfortable solution for protection against high velocity bullets, produced using high density polyethylene which is perfect for harsh conditions such as saltwater and heavy vibration situations.  The plates will meet NIJ Level III + standards when worn in conjunction with (ICW) a Level IIIA Vest.  Advanced technology has resulted in an ICW Level III+ plate stopping AK47msc, M80 & M193 Rifle bullet, the weight of the plate being 1.1 kgs for example.  Our factory can tailor make ICW & Stand Alone Plates to meet most requirements.

Vehicles, Boats & Buildings

The company produces PE plates & Ceramic plates to individual sizes & shapes (cut to shape and drilled if necessary) to give maximum personnel coverage against a high level of ballistic threat for use in vehicles & boats.

Hard PE in large panel form is also available for use in building linings such as airport check-in areas, banks & personnel sheds, for example.

Hard Armour Shields  can be produced in HDPE or ceramic combinations and to meet any size & weight.